I am Arushi Sharma. I am a writer and a student of humanities. Writing, reading, movie direction, activism, and theatre are essential aspects of my personality. I am the founder of The Coin - www.thecoin.co.in - which is a platform where I write about social issues by estranging the familiar. Concepts as typical as patriarchy, caste system are also a part of my blog. I try to find the underlying theory behind these issues and simply present them. 

What defines me is my writing, though I'm in high school, I've solved murder mysteries, travelled far and distant places, and was bequeathed as the king of mysterious lands. One of my essays - The Schooling System - was selected to be published in the book - Pen to Paper, and I was nationally recognised as India's Top 20 Teen Writers. I was also declared as the Writing Champion at the World Scholar's Cup 2019 - National Round.

My interest in writing has been furthered both at school and at a personal level. By being a part of the editorial team of a national magazine TES Orbit for two years and being a part of the drama club for seven years, I have edited hundreds of articles and written and directed various plays.

I have participated in various dramas and plays in and out of school. Some of the memorable ones were playing William Shakespeare and taking part in the street plays aimed at spreading awareness on the topics like Cleanliness, women empowerment, Dowry Deaths etc. I am a Martial Arts Brown belt holder and an amateur painter.


I have been a part of the Student Government body for six years and held the position as the Head Girl, Vice Head Girl and secretary. My responsibilities included making and implementing policies with the school management, hold meetings with teachers, students and members, organise school events, prepare the budgets, get it approved and then work out a plan for its execution.

As the student representative in the Disaster Management Committee, I have helped organise several seminars, meetings, and drills to further the aim of the Committee. I directed a short film - the End Log which was selected in multiple film festivals.

Working as the Policy Research and Reporting Intern at eArth Samvarta Foundation enabled to interact with the actual decision-makers of the nation and work towards the welfare of the street dogs. My duties included preparing policy reports and writing social media posts. I also did a Legal internship at the Patna High Court and Legal Research Internship at Advocates Paedia Foundation.