What defines me is my writing, I've solved murder mysteries, traveled far and distant places, and was even made the king of mysterious lands. I've also penned down a few articles on social topics. I look for a newer perspective and a different dimension as I try to study the topic by estranging the familiar and familiarising the strange. My writing and verbosity are unique and fresh-flavoured. As we know, the world will never run out of views, and I'm here to present mine by looking for the unexplored.

I am the founder of The Coin - - which is a platform where I write about social issues by estranging the familiar. Concepts as typical as patriarchy, caste system are also a part of my blog. I try to find the underlying theory behind these issues and simply present them. Many of my articles and thoughts have been covered by news channels as well.

One of my essays - The Schooling System - was selected to be published in the book - Pen to Paper, and I was nationally recognised as India's Top 20 Teen Writers. I was also declared as the Writing Champion at the World Scholar's Cup 2019 - National Round.

Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi

2020 - 2023


BA Sociology (Hons)

Delhi Public School, Patna

2007 - 2020


CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education 

Class 12 - 96.5 % (Best 4) | 94 % (Overall)


Harvard University

Jan' 19

An online course on - 'Justice' through edX

Amnesty International

Jan' 19

An online course on - 'Human Rights' through edX

Harvard University

Jul' 18 – Jun' 19

An online course on - 'Hinduism' through edX



Work​ experience​

Research Coordinator 

Global Counter-Terrorism Council 

May 2020 - August 2020


It has been a complete pleasure to work with the Global Counter-Terrorism Council. It is a registered non-profit international level think tank initiated by public-spirited individuals to awaken further issues of national interest and global conscience about terrorism as a threat to humanity, human security, etc. Members belonging to different faculties & backgrounds like senior bureaucrats, academicians, officers from the armed forces & paramilitary services, distinguished diplomats, leading researchers, media analysts, parliamentarians, professionals, corporate heads, and human rights groups provide support and regularly contribute with the aim to deliberate on the root causes of Global Terrorism and to present effective solutions to the problems faced by society and the government.

My work as a Research Coordinator and Youth Ambassador included the following-

1. Monitoring the official statements, briefings, documents, etc. on foreign and security policies especially concerning India, and the military establishment

2. Working on data collection from primary and secondary sources

3. Providing research support for projects through data mining

4. Scanning journals, new articles to provide a bibliography relating to the subject matter

5. Providing administrative support for organizing round tables, workshops, seminars, conferences, meetings, coordination over the telephone, and email

Policy Research and Reporting Intern

eArth Samvarta Foundation

December 2018 - February 2019


eArth Samvarta Foundation is a Section 8 non-profit company that works in the field of developing solutions in the field of environment, energy, and security. Our vision at eArth Samvarta Foundation is to achieve planet-first solutions in the age of the Anthropocene. Here, working as the research and reporting intern I was able to interact with the actual decision-makers of the nation and work towards the welfare of the street dogs. I did research on how after training dogs can work as security dogs or for HR development in offices. I did research and reporting on how stray dogs are valuable as community guards to help address that challenge of man-animal conflict. I also analysed how stray dogs are useful for stress management, especially at the workplace to improve employee productivity, human resource management, and work relationships.

Legal Internship 

May 2019 - May 2019

Legal Internship under the diligent mentorship and guidance of the eminent lawyer Mr Iqbal Asif Niazi who is a defence lawyer and also is a part of the Bihar State Panel and looks after the Criminal Writ cases for the State of Bihar.

Legal Researcher Intern 

June 2019 - June 2019

The Advocates Pedia Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered under the Trust Act of 1882. The main aims and objectives of the organisation are to work for the development of legal education and social causes as and when felt needed by its members and the management committee. In addition to this, the focus is to organise law seminars, legal conferences, legal workshops, and utilise media for dissemination of knowledge and information. The target of these activities is the inclusion of an enlightened outlook and democratic values among the masses of India. This is the first search engine in the web world that is dedicated to promoting lawyers' biographies online and conducting interviews with lawyers, law students, and legal experts. The endeavour is to deliver legal services to the sectors of society which are unable to access existing legal services due to ill literacy and poor economic conditions. I was a part of the internship under the Legal research wing.

Orbit Co-ordinatorTES - Takshila Educational Society

December 2018 - April 2020


Takshila Educational Society (TES) is at the vanguard of the knowledge revolution in the country. Set up under the Societies Registration Act of India, the Society is the mindful convergence of a few, far-thinking individuals, wholly committed to the cause of education in India. As a part of TES (Takshila Educational Society) Orbit Magazine's editorial team as a student coordinator, I collected and edited articles from students across the school campus. I also had to suggest topics and encourage students to take the initiative.


Students' Council | Delhi Public School, Patna

April 2015 - April 2020


Head Girl and Vice Head Girl -

As the head of the council, I led the group of 40 members acting as a link between the students and the teachers and becoming a mouthpiece for them.
My responsibilities were to ensure smooth functioning of day-to-day events in collaboration with the Principal, teachers and other members of the student government, which included regular meetings, events and activities throughout the academic calendar. I also supervised the work of Cultural, Sports and Environment secretaries.


Environment Secretary -

 My Responsibilities were -
- To spearhead campaigns against polybags, crackers, littering, tobacco, pollution, etc.
- To impress upon the non-teaching staff not to litter or spit in the campus by holding a workshop for them on every third Saturday of the month.
- To organise Environment Camp during Parent Partnership Programme.
- To conduct a meeting once a month with the Medical Monitors to discuss various ways of keeping the class and the campus clean.
- To plan and execute tree plantation programmes and projects.
- To coordinate with the Head of Physics, Chemistry and Biology departments, and heads of clubs for all the environmental projects of school every month.
- To spread awareness in the community vis-à-vis environment protection.


School Prefect -

As a part of this responsibility, I had to attend meetings with senior members of the council and help in organising school events, prepare the budgets, get it approved and work out a plan for its execution etc.